Review: Yotto @ Sound nightclub


Finnish DJ/producer Yotto “brought an escape” to Los Angeles’s famed Sound Nightclub this past Friday night. Yotto delivered an energetic and uplifting performance to the sold-out crowd. Yotto also managed to power through a lot of new releases that were backed by AnjunaDeep and it definitely kept the crowd vibin’ all night. Combined with the 3D appearance of the “Sound” stage and an impressive light show, it was a spectacular performance from one of the biggest names in dance music today.
The opening DJ got the still arriving crowd warmed up with an array of great house music, all the while keeping the crowd entertained with his upbeat attitude and frenetic dance moves. Over time, the massive light system they have was enough to light a whole street for Christmas. If you haven’t experienced The Sound in Hollywood, it’s definitely got to be something on your bucket list.
After a quick changeover, the lights started to dim, and it was time for Yotto to take the stage. Yotto got the crowd even more warmed up with some sweet melodies that resonated with the whole club, especially when “Cooper’s Cup” came on the speakers. He acknowledged the crowd the whole time and never had a moment where he didn’t make them feel like they were part of something bigger, which was a sense of community & giving that escape from all of life’s struggles. Towards the end of the set I feel like the crowd started to go in deeper state of bliss when Yotto dropped his collaboration with You Are Me & CAPS, called “Anything About You.” But, the overall highlight of the night had to be when the lights cut off and the smooth melodic tunes of “Marisa” struck a tangling sensation to everyone’s body.
It was an incredible night for those lucky enough to score a ticket and attend. Fans also were able to meet Yotto and from the looks of it, he did not have a problem talking to the community. Yotto will be touring the U.S. in the coming months as well as going overseas. His next show will be Jun 09, 2017 and you can catch him at the Coda in Toronto, Canada.

By: Gus Holden Tuquib Rodriguez




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