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Words by Melissa Kil

Gabriel Legeleux, the French DJ and producer known as Superpoze, has officially made his U.S. debut bringing a unique style and sound to his shows.  Superpoze released a new album titled For We the Living on his own label, Combien Mille records, and will be touring through a few U.S. cities and throughout Europe and the UK this year.

“‘For We The Living’ is my second album. It is inspired by readings, films and works concerned with natural disasters, with the fascination man harbours for its own finitude and with the eschatological discourse more broadly.”

The album is divided in two parts. The first 4 tracks broach the impending disaster, its development and climax (represented in the track “Thousand Exploding Suns”). The 4 following tracks symbolize the aftermath.

Despite strong narrative influences coming from contemporary cinema (Jeff Nichols, Lars Von Trier…), this album doesn’t pretend to be anything else but music. It is not the soundtrack of an imaginary film. It’s a narrative object in itself.

The album is entirely instrumental, except for the pre-conclusive “A Photograph” on which I collaborated with the very talented Dream Koala. Piano and drums were intentionally recorded in a vast room with open windows, to connect the music to the sensible – human – world and avoid of an “overproduced” sound. In the same way, all piano takes evoke my own breath. We can clearly hear it on “Hidden” and “A Photograph”.

The multitalented producer studied History in University but now has a successful career as a director and composer.  He directed and co-composed DJ Pone’s first solo album, produced a track on Nekfeu’s first album and composed the soundtrack of «A Voix Haute», a French documentary that aired on France 2 in November 2016.  Superpoze is currently working on the composition of a soundtrack for author and scenographer Marc Lainé’s new play, which will be touring in Fall / Winter season 2017 – 2018.

Superpoze made his debut at Los Angeles’ Mixmag Lab on Wednesday May 5, to an intimate audience amazed by his talent.  It’s not often you see such a talented producer playing multiple keyboards while mixing live.  From this first glimpse of Superpoze’s abilities, it is clear that this humble, musical genius will go far in his career and we can’t wait to see what he will do next!


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