Ferry Corsten Interview on New ‘Blueprint’ Sci-Fi Concept Album


Iconic Dutch electronic music producer Ferry Corsten has always been an artist who has maintained the art and craft of the concept album in the digital age. He has produced a new Sci-fi concept album which is his fifth to date and by his own admission, his most ambitious ever. In his newest album, Ferry was inspired by the idea to unite music with a storyline.  In this new work Ferry collaborated with acclaimed screenwriter David H. Miller (of House of Cards and Rosewood fame), to storyboard a narrative to accompany the album’s conceptual direction. Ferry’s newest creation is something that aims to bring a wider perspective to fans and listeners, as it is inclusive of religion, history, idea and sci-fi.

EDMLA’s Melissa Kil got the chance to ask him a few questions in anticipation of the ‘Blueprint’ album, which is to be released this Friday, May 24th. Fans in the LA area will have a chance to catch the release party at Exchange LA this Friday night.

When did you begin your fascination with sci-fi?

I think I was already fascinated by sci-fi and otherworldly stuff at a very young age. I remember watching Star Wars as a little boy and being in awe by it, even though I didn’t understand yet what it was all about. Then later A.I., alien life and other mysteries of this planet got my interest.

How did you come to work with David H. Miller and what was the collaborative process like?

I met David through my manager who had been long time friends. When I told David about my idea to do a fully narrated story bases music album, he was instantly on board and we hit it right off. We realized that a love story with a sci-fi twist would be the best approach since it lends itself really well for song writing etc.

David kicked off with an initial idea for a story and then we went back and forth for a while until I had enough of a story or concept to sit down with song writers and write the songs. Then when I had all the lyrics, I went back to David so he could ‘revise’ the story around the song lyrics.

Do you have more plans to explore this type of collaborative experience with a writer in the future?

I absolutely had no idea what i got myself into. I had never worked on a project with so many moving pieces that all had to connect with each other. Form the story to the artwork, to the soundscaping, the song lyrics, narrative etc. It all had to make perfect sense.

It was because of all of this that it was so much more complicated than just a regular music album, but I must say that the satisfaction that I got out of this was amazing. So I’m definitely not saying that I won’t ever do this again. Let’s first see how this one will do.  :)

Where do you see your career moving next?

One step at a time.

How do you find the time to make new music, tour, and have a social life?

Doing this for so many years has thought me pretty well how to juggle my time. I do a lot of work while touring, so when I get back I can spend some time with my wife and kids.

Check out Ferry’s first single and title track ‘Blueprint’ on his official SoundCloud and get your tickets to the album release party.


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