Childlike Creativity: A Review of ZHU at CRSSD


By Guest Contributor, Jamison Gale

I feel compelled to say a word or two about the most incredible act at CRSSD festival this weekend. FNGRS CRSSD, you have done it again. I couldn’t imagine a better music festival, absolutely perfect.

Back to the subject of this post, ZHU. I am absolutely captivated by this artist and what he stands for. ZHU could very well be the bigger than life and while I hesitate to refrain from comparisons out of respect I think he is the next Daft Punk and truly is transcending music as we know it.

ZHU remains mostly a mystery to the world. His identity has never been reveled on the stage and for an incredible reason. ZHU describes his music to that of a baby, a child. There’s no other really raw way to express intimacy quite like a baby. As a baby you have no idea of the world, there is no prejudice, there is no preconceived notion. You’re free to digest what you want, to listen to what you want. His music sonically emulates that kind of progression in terms of going from dark into the light, that journey of what it feels like to be a child. His music inverts everything we have come to expect from mainstream electronic music — less about partying and escapism than appealing to something more existential. The music echoes the quest for consciousness amid uncertain times.

If there was ever a time that the world needs artists to really step it up it is now. The turn of the century is incredibly important for worlds culture. Everybody is so sensitive, overly so. It is nice to hear the opinions of others whether they are positive or negative. At the end of the day, you can’t fault somebody if they really believe in something. ZHU is just a a human being like the rest of us, trying to connect. If all goes right we will become something larger.

“Some people need a place to get out to force themselves to be more human. If I can make people feel some aspects of that, then I think, my job is done.” – Zhu

I for one am listening and have never been more touched by a musical artists pursuit to purify the music industry. Thank you ZHU. Thank you FNGRS CRSSD. In a world of imperfection, this music festival resembled the closest thing to a perfect moment as I can ever remember. My heart is filled with love.

– Jamison Gale for EDMLA


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