Woogie Weekend continues to deliver!


On the weekend of July 8-10 Do LaB brought us back to Oak Canyon Park for their second installment of Woogie Weekend! To keep the party grooving all weekend long, Do LaB brought artist like Claptone, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Lee Reynolds, Doc Martin, Tara Brook, Marques Wyatt and local legends Josh Billings & Non-Fiction to name just a few. Now,music is not the only type of entertainment that Woogie Weekend brings to the table; they have morning yoga sessions, art, games and even themed nights! Like last year they have camping and all the things needed to have a enjoyable camping experience even if you forgot to bring something along.   


One thing that we have to say that we love about Woogie Weekend is that we are all treated like adults here. Now we understand the need for festival security, but we are all also adults and are here to come out and have a good time and enjoy the music. Woogie Weekend gives you the freedom we want and deserve. We feel that this allows us to really enjoy ourselves, and not worry about being in long lines to get in the festival and go through airport security like 90% of the other festivals out there. This allows folks to roll up with a cooler, inflatable couches, lawn chairs and whatever other cool shit they can think of bringing along to make the party that much more enjoyable! We love the fact that we never really had to waste precious time with our friends or miss any amazing sets due to wanting a drink, or having go back to camp to go sit down, since we could bring it all along with us to the stage! We feel other festivals should take note of what Do LaB is doing with their festivals, because it seems to work!





What we feel that really makes Woogie Weekend so magical is the community. The Woogiers seem to be the best folks to enjoy a hot summer weekend with. Never once during the festival did we ever feel that we were getting pushed around by the “BROS” just cause they wanted to get to the front of the stage, or harassed by that dude that always walks by saying “MOLLY, X , PILLZ”, the community is a responsible one and it is a nice change to see that when attending a festival.We feel that the Woogiers were truly kind to one another, we saw many occasions where random folks would walk up to one another and make sure they were okay, hand them a water from their stash or even try to cheer them up if they seemed down. Throughout the camping you can see people going from camp to camp offering shots, drinks of champagne or whatever else it is they had to make sure their neighbors were taken care of and having a great time! A great thing about the camping side of things is that there are folks who take the time to set up their own stage in the camps. With a amazing set up from Revo Lounge (as always) as well as other campers, there was no shortage of music at all. It was great to see people inviting others over to these set ups, to dance along with them, have a great time and make new friends. Something that we find great is the lack of cell service, this really plays a big part in the community, allowing everyone to enjoy what is right in front of them and not whats going on in social media. 


Now with all that being said, we are always amazed at the talent that is brought to Woogie Weekend. We do not pretend to know all the names on the lineup but this is what truly makes it amazing. We feel that part of the magic of festivals is exploring and finding new music that we were not aware of before. We feel this is something that the Do LaB realizes and really pushes, and they really deliver on this aspect. During the course of the weekend we only looked to a schedule to maybe see one or two acts, but the rest of the weekend we allowed our ears to guide us to our next dance station. This seem to be a going trend for a lot of other folks. When at a stage and we were unaware of who was up on stage, we would turn to ask a fellow Woogier “Who is this playing?” the common response was “No clue, we just came here because it sounded amazing!”. This is exactly how we felt all weekend and was glad that everyone else was on the same page. The music was sure to keep you grooving and having a great time. When the main stages stopped, the after hours sections would pick up where they left off.WW-133
Woogie Weekend once again went above and beyond our expectations, they delivered high quality music, a amazing community and memories that we can cherish till we can create more at the next Woogie Weekend! Do LaB continues to create something that is like nothing else. Although last years event was rained out it didn’t stop us from enjoying it, so it goes without saying that this year’s heat was not going to stop us either from having a magical time! So if you have yet to make your way out to Woogie Weekend, make sure that you get on board for next year, we promise you that you will not be disappointed. Like a wise man once told us “When in doubt, Woogie it out!

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