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EDMLA’s Melissa Kil got the opportunity to sit down with the bass house DJ duo Ephwurd, comprised of DJs Datsik and Bais Haus prior to their sold out debut Los Angeles show. The duo rose to instant popularity with their remix of Major Lazer’s “Lean On” and has since been making waves in the EDM scene with their first North American mini-tour. The four-date tour stops in Seattle, New York and San Francisco to cater to hungry fans who have followed them since their mysterious debut last year. Check out a VIP version of their new track Just Us ft. Liinks and read on to see what these incredible artists have shared with EDMLA about their meteoric rise and inspirational journeys through the music industry.

EDMLA: What do you guys want to accomplish with this tour?

Datsik: “We haven’t done many shows yet- this is our second or third show. We are just homies and we like house music. It’s different from Datsik which is a full-time thing. This is something new that we started just recently.  It’s been really fun and very well received and it’s cool because right now we are riding the bass house and future house wave which has been blowing up. That’s been our “in” lately. It’s great that this is our third show and it’s sold out. It’s crazy to think that just out of nowhere this has happened. I’m very blessed and very stoked that everyone is giving us a shot. Even though there are a lot of die hard dubstep and hip hop fans, we started a new alias so we didn’t disappoint anyone but we could still spread our wings and do whatever we want.

How did you guys meet before Bais Haus became your tour manager?

Bais Haus: I worked for Steve Aoki right after I got out of high school, then I went from selling t-shirts to tour managing him and then on my first tour which was Troy’s first bus tour as well, we met and hung out and became friends. We went on another tour and started working on music and from there it just kinda progressed. One year we were at Burning Man together and he asked me if I could TM for him, then from there it just turned into tour after tour, then because we were hanging out all the time we just started making music together.

Datsik: It was a very natural progression. It’s cool because if there’s anyone who has deserved it, it’s definitely Bais because he’s put in a lot of work and he’s also a really talented musician.

Started from the bottom!

Datsik: Yeah it’s really cool because his name is Bais E. Houser and his alias is Bais Haus and all of the sudden this new genre pops up called bass house! If that’s not destiny, then I don’t know what is.

What advice do you have for fans who want to do what you’re doing and make a career out of making music?

Datsik: I would say always just stick to you and don’t worry too much about one fatal mistake that a lot of up-and-coming producers make is that they try to imitate rather than taking inspiration… they are so infatuated with the way something sounds that they try to recreate it. Let’s take Skrillex for example, everyone tries to copy him but they are never as good as he is and it just gets overlooked so easily because why listen to the new stuff when you can just hear the original? If you look at the history of any big artists from now or the past, it’s always the people who make it and become headliners are those that are doing something original. I think the biggest advice for new producers is just to stay original.

Bais Haus: I agree! Just do you.

You guys started from humble beginnings selling t-shirts and working your way up. What drove you to keep working in the industry through all of the times when you weren’t making a career doing what you wanted?

Bais Haus: If you love what you’re doing and you see the end in sight, you just keep progressing forward. Over time if you are just persistent and patient, it will come. You’ll learn that if you are really passionate about it, it will happen. I’m really grateful because I really started from nothing and I’ve learned every corner of the industry from merchandise to management, to touring, producing, DJing…

Datsik: To websites, social media… everything!

If you’re trying to be a successful musician, you have to understand that all these other things that you have to do are a part of being a musician. You may love to make music but you also need to be able to handle your own on the business end, and you need to be vigilant about both if you really want to pursue it, or have the right team behind you. As much as I don’t want to say that it’s a business, it totally is a business and you have to treat it like one. For any good product, people have to want it.

You guys have a dedicated fanbase eager to see what you will do next. Can you drop any hints for fans on what you hope to do in the future?

Datsik: The biggest thing for us is that, yes we are coming in through bass house but in no way does our set only represent bass house, we play all different types of shit and we are all over the map and I think that every single artist needs to adopt that mentality to a degree, because this industry is forever changing. Who knows? Bass house might be dead in couple months. It’s important to always be open and experimental with what you are doing, and if you can avoid it, try not to put a box around what you are doing. Even if people are responding to one thing, that one thing can change in a matter of months and then all of the sudden you’re pigeon holed, so it’s about just keeping all options open and moving with the times but staying true to your authentic style.

Thank you Ephwurd for chatting with EDMLA!

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– Melissa Kil



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