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EDMLA‘s Melissa Kil caught up with Julio and Matt of GTA after their LA show at the Palladium November 28. Accompanied by Wax Motif, K Camp and Rich the Kid on their “Goons Take America” Tour, the duo shook up the Shrine with their explosive beats, adding another epic show to their eventful tour. We caught up with the boys to discuss their exciting tour and new EP, “Death to Genres: Volume 2″.  
GTA released their debut EP for Three Six Zero/Warner Bros Records called ‘Death To Genres’ aka ‘DTG Vol. 1.’ which they debuted at Ultra 2015.  The EP is full of tailored samples, tribal melodies and heart-palpitating drops and includes their massively successful Martin Solveig-collab, “Intoxicated”.  GTA has dominated EDM charts with other remixes like a trap take on Rihanna’s ‘B*tch Betta Have My Money” and other hits.  With their nationwide tour, innovative collaborations and stunning productions, GTA is unstoppable.  
Check out EDMLA’s exclusive interview with GTA below!

Goons Take America Tour and the Death To Genres Vol. 2 EP

EDMLA: What makes the Goons Take America Tour different from your previous tours?

GTA: This bus tour is OUR bus tour! If we want to kick someone off the bus we can! Because it’s our bus! No, but really it’s kind of unreal to be able to do such a big tour on our own and build this entire stage and original content with our creative team. It was a big step for GTA and our entire team.

You just dropped your highly anticipated Death to Genres Vol. 2 EP in a way that has kept your cult-like fan base on edge. How do you think your sound has changed in this new EP?

I don’t think this EP was too much about changing our sound. Instead it was more of putting out some old songs mixed with some new tracks that we’ve been playing out. LCA was a newer sounding track that was inspired by something older! Goons was a song that was 3 years old! and the Wiwek collab was something that was a few years old in the works as well.

How was working with Sandro Silva?

Working with Sandro was awesome. He is a really cool guy and we have been influenced by his songs for many years so I’m so glad that we were finally able to meet up and make something! It was very easy to work with him and we easily started and finished the whole song in just a few hours !

What is the creative process like when you’re working with another DJ/Producer?

It always depends from person to person so it’s hard to answer this question with only 1 answer. But with Sandro we just started out working on a melody and then worked on the chords in the break down. Then we started working on a build up and eventually made the drop and laid out the whole track from there. Like i said we we’re all pretty inspired so it was easy!

Was the track “Hell Of A Night” influenced by the music you hear in Miami?

No, not really. It was more inspired by EDM and old Dutch house! The vocal was actually written to the song months after we had completed the instrumental!

It seems like your music reflects a love of video games. Which ones are your favorites?

Oh yeah we love video games! Julio has been playing the new Guitar Hero that came out and I have been playing The Witcher 3 also Rocket League ! We’ve also been playing a lot of gamecube games !

What direction do you want to take with your music?

We really just want people to have fun with our music. Our name means Good Times Ahead and that’s exactly what we mean with our music. Just let loose and have fun. :)

How do your fans influence your tours and shows?

We try and talk to and respond to all of our fans! And we do pay attention to where people are from. After every show we come out to the crowd and take pictures and say hi to everyone! If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have a job so we try and interact with everyone!

You guys are from Miami- what influence did growing up in Miami have on your music?

Yeah growing up in Miami we are surrounded by so much. They call it a melting pot of cultures. We both grew up with our parents blasting Salsa and Merengue in our faces. As well as listening to all sorts of music when we were growing up like Rock/Classic Rock and Metal to also Hip Hop of course!

If you could collaborate with any other artists, who would they be?

There are so many! Adele’s voice is unreal, obviously. But there really are so many other people like Sam Smith, Pharrel, Future, Migos… too many!

What have been the highlights of this tour so far?

Oh man just the whole tour really. But we’ve had some kickflip contests. We had some NHL PS4 contests. Selling out the Palladium was unreal. Going to all the cities and exploring around a bit was awesome. But I htink the best highlight for me was all of us randomly finding this last minute tattoo shop outside of Buffalo, NY that was across the street from a cemetery and getting my first tattoo ever! It says “Good Times Ahead” by the way. :)

Thank you for chatting with EDMLA!

– Interview by Melissa Kil for EDMLA


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