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Sometimes a gem crystalizes in the indie underground scene. I was lucky to chance upon such a unique gem when they DJed a friend’s yoga ceremony in Venice, CA. Yes, here on the Westside, the yogi scene lives well and thrives. It thrives in tangent with health and wellness, and a robust musical inclination.

The music of Royal Poets Records was a pleasant surprise to me one night several months back. My initial experience of the local label’s music was summed by a saga-like performance by it’s founders, Eloi Theopholus and Noah Simeon. At this performance, their music was an amalgamation of eastern sound bath healing, live instruments and a trap-style DJ set that had me dancing, entranced with wild abandon. In my years of emphatic dance music fandom, I’d never experienced quite a combination.

Eloi’s recorded tracks range from Trap and Electronica to experimental hip-hop that brinks on the same nostalgia as old school, Tribe Called Quest. Overall, it makes for a refreshing and original addition to the LA indie music scene.

Noah’s music is an ambient alt rock blend that is at once soothing and distressed. He is currently gearing up to release an album titled Seraphim.

The label also totes talent from Zeraphina Quenby (who is the sister of Eloi). Zeraphina writes, sings and co-produces her tracks in partnership with the rest of the Royal Poets. Her voice takes on a sultry quality akin to Lorde’s in “Tennis Court”. She recently released the single, “Rose Quartz”, the second off her upcoming album Lazuli. The track is angelic and spacey, with the seductive voice over downtempo beats.

The Royal Poets are hosting a live event tomorrow night, Oct. 21st, at an undisclosed Westside loft. The festivities are slated to include live performances and a DJ set, plus movie projection, costumes, and dance contest. Also claimed are “special guest performances” from Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and more. I, for one am very curious to watch the event unfold. For a unique and intimate musical experience, I recommend that you  join me at this event. More info on the website or on the event’s Facebook page.

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