Interview with KhoMha After Massive Avalon Set


It’s 4AM and the floor is still packed at Avalon Hollywood.  KhoMha is about to get off deck after already having played 4 hours but the crowd is still going strong.  As he slows down with the Arty remix of “Hey Now” by London Grammar, you already get the feeling that the crowd can’t get enough.  Truthfully, neither can we.

The Colombia born Robert Alzate aka KhoMha has created his own wave in trance music over the past several years.  He was named “Producer of the Year” by Markus Schulz and Matt Darey respectively in their Top 100 DJs interview in 2011 – the year in which KhoMha rocked into the trance scene with massive tracks such as “Rainy in the Night”, “507”, and “Magnetik”.  He hasn’t seemed to have slowed down since.

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Q.  Massive set tonight at Avalon Hollywood!  4 hour set but almost felt like you could easily keep going.  How do you keep your energy going for long sets like these?  What’s the longest set you’ve ever played?  Do you have a preference in the length of your set?

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. I think all the energy comes from the love and the passion I have for the music, my body just reacts like that. The longest set I’ve ever played was in my hometown Medellin, Colombia 8 hours 30min. it was such a long journey but totally worth it. When I play these long sets I like to put all the music I like and that can fit the KhoMhaStyle music.
Q.  We know you’re on the road quite a lot and have played at so many venues and festivals.  What’s a venue or a festival you’ve played that stood out to you the most? Why?
If we talk about festivals I would say UMF Miami was really beautiful for me, I saw many colombian flags on the crowd and I felt like home and proud of myself to see where my career has been taking me. Now if we talk about venues I have to say I love Avalon, this club has that ”special” vibe in the air and such a great sound system.  

Q.  In particular we want to hear about your experience at Ultra Music Festival this year.  This was your first time playing right?  How was that experience for you?
As I said it was really special, not only for it being my first time but to see so many familiar faces, so many flags from my home country. The love  and experience was amazing, such an amazing festival.
Q.  There are many talented DJs and producers in the world but you are one of the few Latinos to be recognized.  What does your heritage/background mean to you?  Does it play a major role in your inspiration?
It means a lot! Because I’m representing a culture of people that is really passionate about music in every sense and having this opportunity is huge honor for me and hope to make my culture proud.
Q.  So what was your inspiration for “Hydra”?  It was featured in the major motion picture “Wild Card” starring Jason Stratham earlier this year.  How did that come about?  Are you interested in scoring films in the future?
I got inspired by the second Batman movie – The Dark Knight, I wanted to put that dark but at the same time energetic vibe on that track. I’ve always dreamt  about scoring films, hans zimmer is one of my biggest influences and I imagine myself later on producing movie soundtracks.
Q.  Now that we’re half way through 2015 and you’ve already accomplished UMF and Hollywood, what’s the next big thing that you’d like to do?
There’s so much coming up this year! Two big festivals coming up for me in June which i am really excited about are luminosity festival in Amsterdam then Escapade music festival in Canada.  There are also some big surprises on the way so keep in touch. 
Q.  Any messages for your LA fans?
I just want to say Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all of your continued support during the first years of my career and now. There’s so much to come and can’t wait to share the experience with you all. :)
Photography by Fabian Ortiz

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