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Can you tell us about your “Name & Number” Remix EP? Which artists have inspired your creativity in the production of the album?

To be honest I always keep going back to the same things like Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind, and Fire. That’s what I listened to back in the day and then since I was 15, house/ techno/ garage became a really big part of my life so i’ve always been trying to merge the two. That’s my thing.

Your single ‘Touch’ landed #3 on the UK pop charts. What happened to your career after that? 

Well, people started taking me a lot more seriously and people started not taking me more seriously- in different ways. I feel like i’ve shown everyone that i’ve come through the ranks of Djing I haven’t just appeared out of no where, i’ve been doing this for about 7 years. It’s nice to finally be a part of the culture now instead of just being an aspiring bedroom guy.

You’re a classically trained musician, how did you transition from that into producing and Djing?

Well because of what I was saying about my influences, when I started Djing around 15 I just love that music, there wasn’t much that I felt was in the middle that’s why i’ve been trying to make that my sound and solidify that and most singers weren’t looking to work with me so I decided to do it myself. Basically every song with no one else featuring, it’s all me.

What instruments do you play?

Started playing piano when I was about 3 and then I messed around on drums, played bass for 6 or 7 years, played guitar and the production started at age 15/16 it all came together very nicely.

What effect did growing up in London have on the style of the music you create and remix?

London is place where if you go out on the weekend you can go to one tiny little bar and see Huxley, then go next door and see Route 94 and Breach, then go next door and hear the Dirtybird thing. It’s quite similar to New York.

Your remix of TLC – “No Scrubs” that is such a classic track, what made you want to remix it and what went into it? 

I’ve just always really liked that song, I was making the beat and I was originally trying to sing over it and I kept hearing that hook in my head so I decided i’m not going to try to copy it or change it I’ll just use it and see what happens.

Your remix of the classic track “Lady” by Mojo is so progressive, how would you describe the sound?

A combination of UK house, soul, a little bit of classic big room house- it’s just everything i’ve listened to has become my sound.

What inspired you to change Kiesza’s “Sound of A Woman” from the original? 

Her team was quite clear where they wanted it to sit with the other remixes and they were very conscious of it not being hip-hop. So I was trying to make something my style but that they were also happy with.

Your original track “Not Into It” has R&B and disco elements, what inspired you to merge the two different sounds? 

That track I made like 4 years ago it was just sitting around for so long and then that sound got really popular then I decided to put it out. So it was quite a natural series of events with that one.

Your track “Misbehave” out on Dim Mak with Born Dirty, what was it like working with them? 

They are literally my best friends, there’s something interesting about that track- but I can’t say the whole story. What I do on that track is not what you would usually expect and that’s all i’m gonna say. You can take that how you wanna take it.


-Ashley Zucker


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