EDMLA’s must see artist at EDCLV!


Its that time of the year again, where we all are just counting down the days till we all meet Under the Electric Sky! As we all know, this takes lots of preparation, rides, lodging, costumes and so much more. So since most are spending their time doing those task, we figured we would put a list together of some artist we feel are worth seeing, in hopes to help you have a less stressful time picking who to see at this years EDC.



Moby is a rare treat to see on this lineup and if you never seen him before, I think you should really consider doing so. He is what we would like to consider a legend! From live set to Dj set you really get taken for a nice musical journey, with his sets you usually will get a bit of everything all mixed into one. From early tracks like “Thousand” which is a trip, to stuff like “GO” which is we like to think as a timeless classic. So do yourself a favor and make it point to try to see Moby, I am sure you will not be disappointed.


Andy C aka the The Executioner is just one of those guys that you have to see. There is a reason that he is referred to as the king of his genre, and it shows! Winning the Drum & Bass Arena’s best DJ tittle in 2011 and going on to becoming a “Ambassador of Bass Music” via 2013 Bass Music Awards. So do yourself a favor, even if you’re not into D&B, consider giving it a shot, you may be surprised of the outcome and become a fan after.


Ben Prok and James Fitch, or as most know them, Prok & Fitch! These two have been pushing some amazing tunes out like “TripWire” , “Beverly Thrills“, “Here comes the noise” and it does not seem like they will be slowing down anytime soon. They host a podcast called Floorplay every month which we love. So if you want some groovy house, tech house or techno, be sure to check these guys out for a amazing show.


Chris Liebing will take you on a amazing ride with his techno sound. Being one of the first to embrace the digitalization of music and with co-operation of various software and hardware makers, he has endless possibilities with his sound. So make sure to take a trip over to see Chris for his signature dark and dirty techno set.


So this recent new addition has to be one of our personal favorites. Gaia, which consist of Armin Van Buuren and Rank 1‘s Benno De Goeij will surely be a great change of pace for trance lovers. This duo has only performed 2 times, once for Ultra Music Festival and the other for A State of Trance Festival, so being able to see these two perform is a rare treat. This set will be sure to take you on a darker voyage of the trance sound, I know we will be waiting for our favorite tracks “Tuvan” and “Aisha” . We hope to see the Trance Family in full force for this set as it will be one for the books!



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