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EDMLA’s Exclusive Interview with Finnish Duo Super8 &Tab prior to their memorable Avalon Hollywood Show with Jaytech and Kristina Sky.  We caught up with them about their recent events and collaborations as well as the philosophy behind the music.

1. How and when did you come into your own unique sound as DJs?

We both have DJ careers spanning over 20 years and we started in small discos and parties where you had to play top 40 music. But already back then we were both into club music and we wanted people to know about it too so we started to drop club tracks between the pop music and teach people about it. To succeed in that we had to learn to read people so that we didn’t lose them from the floor while playing music they weren’t use to hearing. I think all that has really shaped our sound.

2. What advice do you have to DJs who are inspired by you to become career DJs?

Back in the day we would have said know your records and learn to read the crowd. Now the thing is learn to produce your own music and know how to use social media!

3. How has having a family changed your careers and the ways you tour, etc?

Career-wise it hasn’t changed that much, we work as hard as ever, but these days we don’t leave home more than for 2-3 weeks before going back again, unless we bring our families with us as we did for the Unified USA Tour last year.

4. How do you get out of a slump when you feel like you aren’t producing new music?

We just keep going to into the studio again and again. You can’t wait for the inspiration to come. You just need to work and it will come. Of course it’s good to have some days off too.

5. What do you think sets the Unified Extended album apart from your previous work?

For our previous Empire album, we didn’t release an extended version, but for Unfied it felt natural as most of the track were produced as extended versions in the first place. So basically Unified Extended is how the Unified album sounded before it was edited to album format.

6. What do you hope to communicate through your music?

We hope our music makes people feel emotional. That they feel happiness and hope and fun.

7. Who would you ideally like to work with on your next album?

We haven’t really started to think about the next album yet but it would be interesting to work with film score composers. They know how to get emotional when it comes to music.

8. What is your most cherished memory from an interaction with a fan?

One fan told us that our music saved her life. Without our music she wouldn’t have gotten through the bad times. That still makes us feel really good.

9. How was your experience with Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy?

It was really, really great–a full house of Anjunabeats music lovers and great DJ’s so it just can’t go wrong.

What do you miss most about Finland when you are on tour?

Family and endless summer nights when the sun doesn’t go down at all.

10. What is the process like working with newer artists like Jaytech?

Jaytech is a really great guy and good musician. It was lots of fun to work with him and we hope to work more in the future too.

11. What is your best advice to new DJs who want to get their start touring?

Be patience and work hard and it will come.

12. What was it like working with BT?

That was an exceptional experience. We worked 18 hours in a row and after that session “Aika” was 85% done. All the music was there. Usually studio sessions slow down after 8 hours but with him we just kept going and going and stayed creative. There’s a reason he’s a legend.

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By Melissa K. for EDMLA

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