Do the Dada! Pre-Voyage Interview with Olle and Stefan


This past Tuesday, 5/19, the dynamic duo Olle and Stefan, known as Dada Life sat down with the EDMLA team poolside at the Standard Hollywood hotel for a Pre-Voyage conversation. They touched on points such as how the two met, their sound, the upcoming show The Voyage and the future for Dada.

Olle and Stefan, who are both from Stockholm, Sweden, are the two awesomest people in the planet. They’re very outgoing, outspoken, and willing to share their mind and hearts with the fans through our interview. Dada is all about doing what feels right. In the beginning, Olle and Stefan met randomly at a chile cook-off where they started talking and soon enough the music production topic came to the table. They both realized their passion for music and decided to come together to see what their ideas can produce. From the get go, these two has such chemistry—their skills and character complement each other reaching a balance transformed in bass, drums, kicks and energetic beats we all love.

Although the two reside in Stockholm, they call Los Angeles their second home—the heart of where it all started for Dada Life. From inception, they have received tons of support from their Southern California fans. From the gig at Avalon that resulted in a riot, to other sold out shows, and now into the second year of The Voyage.

With bananas and champagne every show, these two are always into treating their fans to fun and surprises. Their sets are unplanned and something unexpected can happen any moment. They choose the beats according to the mood, the crowd, and the energy of the fans. Not every show is the same and this upcoming one should not be missed.

This year’s Voyage is produced with one thought only: the fans. The Dada duo thought about what they’d like to provide for their fans to have extra fun at The Voyage and they came up with plenty of activities, competitions and events. Some of these include crafts, pillow fights, and a champagne spray contest, but the biggest event is to break the Guinness record for the largest gathering of bananas in one place. All attendees dressed in bananas will be part of breaking the record and may obtain a certificate of being part of it. Just imagine yourself on the crowd as a banana, looking at other fans being bananas, having the feeling of being part of the same Dada-Banana family! And it doesn’t stop there—these two are willing and eager to listen to what fans have to say and comment on what events they would like to have in Dada territory, at least for the weekend.

They really want us to live in Dada Land for one unforgettable weekend. Fans may ask, what does Dada mean? There is really no defined meaning to the term and no matter how many people ask and the answers they receive, the term came about to inspire people to live a Dada Life, for people to go crazy on their own way, out of the usual, so everyone has a different meaning. For one person it could mean going crazy when the beat drops, another person may just think Dada Life is having the greatest pleasure of eating chocolate or as for other Dada Life fans the meaning could be going bananas when The Machine that Kills Ravers goes off (pun intended).

The next steps for Dada are to keep pouring talent into the scene and blowing the minds of all their fans. For those of you who attended last year’s Voyage, you know how amazing this gig was. This time around, it is even greater and better in every sense of the work, from each event pre and post show. With no doubt, this show will grow year after year and fans can only dream for a Dada Cruise to take them to an island where they can spend the weekend in real Dada Land. Until then, see you all at Sam Manual Amphitheater for The Voyage, the craziest and wildest party yet for the year in Southern California. The event will take place July 18th. Tickets are available here.

by Alex Calvo


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