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Written by : Jeff Varsovia


On the borders of Costa Mesa and Newport beach lies a posh nightclub called Sutra and for years it has been heralded as one of Orange County’s more iconic nightlife establishments. I remember imagining it, as a young twenty-something,  as one of those intimidating clubs with gaudy patrons lining up the club perched atop the multiple-story complex. But, on that Thursday, with the rise of the EDM spear heading the ever-so cyclical nature of nightclubs, Sutra was endowed with the likes of the popular Insomniac subsidiary: Bassrush. With promise and dedication to the drum & bass/dubstep scene, Sutra proved to Southern California that Dubstep is indeed not dead. For the lesser informed, the rise of Trap has stolen some lime light from the once viral-like Dubstep. With some producers even jumping ship to rake in on its metoric rise up the charts. But enough about Trap, today we are talking about arguably one of the most influential producers of Dubstep, Rusko. Hailing in from the UK, his “bass”-roots came from his time at Leeds College of Music with a degree in Music Performance (See? Real musicians do exist in EDM).




His performance that night was a good indicator that “school is cool” (Or maybe he partied a lot?). Rusko most definitely rocked Sutra so hard with those heavy bass lines, that it still tingles the hearts and minds of those young bassheads. Even the club-goer regulars (characteristically EDM fence-sitters), unbeknownst to them were served up a lesson on Dubstep 101. What better teachers on the subject of Dubstep than one of the old-school guys like Rusko? My favorite part of the night was when Rusko dropped the track “Everyday”. It ranks a very special place in my heart and still have fond memories of the mind-”gasm” it gave me at EDC 2013. That track has some sort of a seductive effect on people since all of a sudden girls turned into gogo dancers for one song. I, for one, am not complaining even a little bit. As the night shifted into last call, an army of bassheads demanded another song out of the veteran producer, he was not able to play another song yet he stayed to sign autographs and meet his loyal fans. This was just the first of a series of 3 California appearances of his Fall tour. I think we can all sleep soundly now, knowing that dubstep is here to stay.



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