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Written by : Lisa E

On Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing Gorgon City perform at the beautiful El Rey Theatre over in Hollywood. Since this was my first time both being at this venue and seeing Gorgon City, I had a lot to take in. Shows in Los Angeles typically have a very diverse crowd, and this was definitely the case on Saturday. Everyone there seemed to come from different types of social circles and backgrounds, which shows that Gorgon City has a sound that can resonate with anyone.

Both members of this duo DJ, and their mixing was simple and clean. There were few vocal or music breakdowns in their set, occurring once every three or four songs, and each seemed to be placed strategically in a way that would allow the audience to keep moving on the dance floor while also staying engaged in the set.

The most memorable aspect of their set to me was how well they were able to play tracks from different genres while keeping their signature sound. One minute you were listening to a deep house track, the next techno, the next disco house and so on, not once changing your step or forgetting that you were in the presence of Gorgon City. When one of their tracks came on, everyone sang along which gave the night more of a performance feel than simply being in a club with a couple guys on the decks. This display of fan unity was very reminiscent of when Disclosure first hit the house music scene.

This feeling of community, combined with the amazing sound system of the venue and wonderful track selection made for an extremely memorable evening and end to their US tour. If you are a fan of house music and enjoy seeing artists like Clean Bandit, Dusky, or Disclosure, you’ll definitely want to check out Gorgon City. They are about to embark on their European tour, so we’ll be keeping a close eye out for when they’re in the Los Angeles area again. In the meantime, check out their music, including their debut album “Sirens” which was released earlier this month on Black Butter Records.





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