Preview : Savant @ El Rey 10/31



Are you looking for fun on Halloween, but you don’t have a ticket to Escape?? Don’t fret it, this doesnt mean you’re going to have to sit at home with the trick or treaters. Join us for Savant at the El Rey on Halloween Night!!!! There is still some fun to be had!!!! You’re not gonna want to miss out on this too!

Hailing from NorwayAleksander Vinter (Savant) has been said to have made over 10,000 songs (guess we’ll get a few encores) ranging from dubstep, metal and even electro house. Known for the Vario character on his album art, his music will be sure to keep the night going. His songs “Splinter“ and “Rabbit” which are two of my favorites, some nice funky electro sounds and then some dirty dirty dubstep I love, and those are just two songs that show off his multifaceted sounds.

Oh, and before I forget, its Halloween, so dress up for the Costume Contest!!!! Winner gets $1,000, so make sure you bring your A game!! Tickets are still available, so you better not miss out!! This is sure to be a hell of a Halloween.






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